Florida Deputy Reunites With Three-Year-Old Girl He Saved From Hot Car


A Seminole County Sheriff’s deputy was hailed as a hero after he rescued a three-year-old girl from a sweltering hot car in Florida. Deputy Bill Dunn pulled the young girl from the car and drove her to the hospital in his cruiser where she made a full recovery. 

Dunn explained that the mother called 911 to report that her car was stolen with her daughter inside. When he arrived at the apartment complex and found the car with the "sweaty and limp" girl strapped in her car seat. Dunn said that she did not have a pulse when he found her. 

“I know the brain can only accept a certain degree before it gets damaged and so I put her face right underneath there just trying to cool her down, you know?” he said. 

Dunn then waited at the hospital for hours until doctors informed him the young girl would be fine.

Police said that the mother's car was not stolen and that she forgot to take her daughter out of the vehicle following a late-night liquor run. 

The girl's father called the Seminole County Sheriff's office to thank Dunn for saving his daughter's life. Dunn asked if he could meet the young girl, and the father agreed and brought her to the station.

“It was good for me, it was healthy for me to be able to see her healthy and up running and acting like a three-year-old should act,” Dunn said.  

The sheriff's office shared a photo of Dunn embracing the girl on Facebook. 

Well done, Dunn!

Today Deputy Bill Dunn had a special reunion with this precious three-year-old girl he found unresponsive in a car Sunday. He pulled her out, put her under air conditioning in his cruiser, and rushed her to the hospital. We’re so glad to share that she’s made a full recovery! #WeAreSCSO


The girl's mother has since been arrested and will face charges of child neglect with great bodily harm.


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